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Piazzetta IP7

Firing: Pellet
Power: 6,80 kw
Color: Anthracite

€ 2.647,00 + vat
€ 1.700,00 including vat

Piazzetta P958C

Firing: Pellet
Power: 8,00 kw
Color: White

€ 4.154,10 + vat
€ 2.499,00 including vat

Piazzetta P963T

Firing: Pellet
Power: 11,30 kw
Color: Terracotta

€ 5.124,10 + vat
€ 2.650,00 including vat

Piazzetta P163

Firing: Pellet
Power: 11,30 kw
Color: White

€ 3.379,40 + vat
€ 2.650,00 including vat

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